Anybody out there?

Welp, this is my first blog. First post on something like this…EVER. Anybody real out there? Any college students? Students that chose majors based on what they can be good at, not necessarily what they are passionate about? Any students that fear graduation because then it means that there is no excuse left? 

I saw this post a couple of weeks ago on Facebook. It said something about how kids who don’t sing, act, rap, or dance had no choice but to attend college. I laughed my ass off because it is true. Maybe this life shit would be easier if I had a passion. I don’t think binge-watching Narcos on Netflix would qualify as a passion. 

Anybody out there? 

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Meredith. I am in college, majoring in Public Relations because I couldn’t be a Biology major and because there is nothing that I can honestly say that I am passionate about.

Is there anybody out there who can identify?

Let me know.




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