Tips & Tricks to becoming Social Media Famous

I am going to give my insight into a successful social media career, from my outside looking in.

  1. Keep it short. Instagram videos are under 30 seconds for a reason (Vines are even shorter). Everyone’s attention span is very limited; unless it’s Game of Thrones, then we’ll watch for an whole hour.
  2. Keep it crisp and clean. No one wants to watch a video filmed on a laptop webcam with flourescent lighting. It’s 2016. Save up and invest in a good camera that auto-focuses. At least that’s what I’ve learned from the great Youtubers.
  3. Keep it educated. Make sure that if you are talking about something that is researchable such as the 2016 Presidential Elections, make sure you know your facts. If not, don’t be surprised if you pop up as a meme or a gif. (The internet is cruel these days.)
  4. Keep it fun. No one wants to watch you stare into a camera. Play with the edits. Switch up your locations. Crack a couple of jokes.
  5.  Above all, keep it true to yourself. The last thing we need on the internet is more fake people acting fake. Be yourself, whoever that is and never apologize for it. tips-and-tricks

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